Stuffed veal chops: a filling of goodness

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Tourists who go to visit the city of Milan will be attracted by the beautiful Duomo, the streets of fashion and canals. Italian cuisine offers many inviting dishes but if you want to taste the true Milanese tradition you must taste the veal chop or “elephant ear”. Today we bring you to Milan to taste this dish, but with a little imagination. We have revisited the original recipe turning it into stuffed veal chops.


  • veal chops: 1000g
  • cooked ham cut into slices: 150g
  • Gruyère cheese: 100g
  • eggs: 2
  • bread crumbs: 150g
  • butter: 50g
  • salt
  • pepper


Preparation of meat

Take the veal chops and beat gently to thin the meat. Prepare the cheddar and the ham by placing them between two layers of veal chops. In this way you got a stuffed veal chops.

Preparation of fry

Put the eggs in a bowl and the breadcrumbs in another. Pass the stuffed veal chops first in the egg and then in the pangratto. So pay attention that there is a homogeneous covering and place it all on a separate plate.

Put the butter in a pan and leave it enough time to fry.

So put the stuffed veal chops one at a time in the pan and turn to cook both sides. When you see that the color is brownish and the surface is crisp, remove the stuffed veal chops from the pan and lay them on a plate with the paper to dry the excess oil.

Serve the suffled veal chops in a dish with a salad or spinach previously prepared. To have a light dish, do not overuse the dressing with the side dishes.

A little secret

You can use a little lemon juice on the stuffed veal chops to soften the flavor of the fry.

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