Ricotta Ravioli Recipe: the Italian tradition

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The ricotta ravioli recipe is a delicious dish to put your hands together with us. The fresh egg pasta, a preparation that brings joy in the houses. Lends itself to hundreds of variations both simple and filled with tasty or more delicate fillings. Like the one we invite you to try today.


Fresh ricotta vaccine flavored by Parmesan gives life to a creamy filling scented with thyme. Simple but delicious flavors for a dish to dress as you prefer and to serve for a good Sunday lunch with the family gathered! Try to combine the ricotta ravioli recipe with a simple tomato sauce or with a classic “butter and sage”, with bacon or bacon crispy: they will be irresistible! And for those who want to add a touch of pop to this great classic, we recommend pairing with pesto: you will leave everyone speechless … try it!

Ingredients for 24 ravioli

  1. Flour 00              250 g
  2. Big eggs              #2
  3. Yolks                    #1
  4. Durum wheat semolina for sprinkling t.t.
  5. Ricotta vaccine 400 g
  6. Grated Parmigiano Reggiano 20 g
  7. Nutmeg t.t.
  8. Salt up t.t.
  9. Black pepper t.t.


part 1

How to prepare the ricotta ravioli recipe:

to prepare the ricotta ravioli recipe, start making egg pasta. In a large bowl, pour the flour (remaining about 40-50 g behind the recommended dose) and the beaten eggs. With the hands, mix the ingredients vigorously until obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Add the flour kept aside as needed to obtain the right consistency of dough: smooth and elastic. If the dough is too hard, you can add a little of water at room temperature: it will make the dough softer to be able to pull it with the machine.

When the dough is smooth and elastic, transfer it to the work surface, giving it a spherical shape and wrap it in a transparent food film. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes at room temperature putting it away from light but also from drafts to prevent it from drying out. While the dough rests, dedicate yourself to the filling. Take a bowl in which you will pour the ricotta, adjusting salt and pepper.

Add the thyme leaves, stirring them with the ricotta cheese. Then add the Parmigiano and flavor with the nutmeg, mixing the ingredients well with a fork.

part 2

Transfer the mixture to a sac-à-poche with a large nozzle and keep aside in the refrigerator. At this point the fresh pasta will have rested: take it and divide it into two cakes of equal size. Take back the dough that you have wrapped in the film: remove the latter and repeat the operation, taking care to flour the flour with little flour. So create with the sac-à-poche of the small piles of stuffing placing them on one of the two rectangles lying about 3 cm from each other.

part 3

Spray some water on the edges of the pastry or brush the edges of the ravioli with a kitchen brush. So this will make sure that the two sheets remain attached to cover with the other sheet of dough; arrange the edges and press lightly with the fingertips between the small pieces of stuffing to eliminate the air and prevent them from cooking open and the filling comes out.

With a serrated pastry wheel start to make the ravioli between one filling and the other: in this way, you will get 24 ravioli with dimensions of 4×4 cm. Finally Arrange them on a lightly floured tray with re-milled semolina flour: your ricotta ravioli recipe will be ready to cook for your delicious preparations!

Then for more details on how to prepare the ravioli ricotta recipe, refer to Benedetta’s homemade video.

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