Perfect chicken salad: summer dish

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The summer is close by and it can be helpful to know how to prepare a perfect chicken salad. We can bring this dish with us during a trip or also prepare it in advance when we don’t have time for cooking dinner. Obviously, the perfect chicken salad also depends on your taste. But we want to give you our ideal solution.


The first passage is beating our pieces of chicken with a meat tenderizer. After that, we cook our meat on a red-hot plate. The time of cooking can vary in base to the thickness. The chicken will be ready when it will be completely white and there will be the signs typical of the grate. It is very important to add immediately the salt after cooking. Besides that, we must avoid to puncture the chicken with the fork to preserve the liquids. Leave the slices of chicken on a dish and let them cool down.

Preparation of vegetables

Now we deal with cutting in small sizes the vegetables we like. We advise to use peppers, celery, carrots and green olives. Surely it is a good idea to cut some dice cheese and to add it to our perfect salad of chicken.

Preparation of the sauce

Well, the meat is cold and we can cut it in small strips. We begin to prepare can deal with the sauce for the seasoning. We can prepare a savory sauce mixing mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper and vinegar.

Final step

We can finally unite the chicken, the prepared vegetables and the sauce in a bowl and to cover it with a film. We recommend you to to leave to rest in refrigerator at least a hour to allow the various tastes to conform.

In this article we have recommended you our perfect salad of chicken. But you can vary the ingredients to your liking and to make it your perfect salad of chicken.

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