Chicken curry ideas: idea of caloric chicken

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We have already seen different recipes that allow to cook the chicken in different ways. In this article we still go over recommending our chicken curry ideas. The chicken curry ideas are popular, above all among, the younger people.

They appreciate them for the exotic aspect and the facility of realization. It origins from an Asian dishes, but we can find them all over the world by now. The spices are the fundamental part of our chicken curry ideas. The curry in fact it is a mixture of spice that can be bought. If you want to do it by yourself at home, watch this video.


First thing, we need to toast the fire spice low for about 2 minutes. Later, we pour it in a bowl and add salt and pepper. We can now add the Greek yogurt. Progress with the mixer to get an homogeneous mixture. Cut the chicken in small dice and add them to the already prepared spices. Cover the container and leave it in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. We advise to leave resting for at least 2 hours. In this way, the dish will be tastier.

Preparation of rice that will accompany the chicken

At this point, we begin to prepare the rice that must accompany our chicken curry ideas. Cook the rice for around 8-10 minutes. We need to add water, salt and berries of cardamomo.


The chicken must be cooked with garlic, oil ginger and chili. We must cook our chicken together with the spices for 10 minutes to slow fire. When cooking is almost completed, we can add the coriander.

At this point both the chicken curry and the rice basmatis are ready. You just need to serve them.

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