Chicken breast: a simple Italian recipe

07/05/2018 1 By wp_9107271

Now every week it happens to eat chicken breast. This is beacause this dish represents a low calories meal. Moreover, it is possible to prepare the chicken breast in many different ways. Among the various available recipes, we want to propose you the chicken breast with almonds. This dish is surely an undisputed Symbol of the Chinese culinary tradition. In fact, we can find a typical oriental taste due to the use of ingredients such as the sauce of soy and the ginger.


The first phase is the preparation of the spices for the seasoning. Then we peel and cut the garlic, and grate the ginger. Finally, peel and cut the onion. Subsequently, we will proceed to the cleaning of the breast of chicken. It is necessary to eliminate the most evident parts of fat. Cut the chicken in small tid bit of around 2 centimeters and progress to the flouring of the same.


At this point, we can begin to heat the seeds oil in a frying pan. It is recommended to use a frying pan with tall edges. Add the garlic, the grated ginger and the cut onion and allow to cook for some minutes. It is important for getting a good cooking that the fire is not too much vivacious. Once we have gotten the perfect gilding, we can add the tid bit of breast of chicken. It is fundamental to mix well everything during the phase of cooking. When cooking is almost completed, we add the sauce of soy. Surely, add at least 20 grams of water to avoid that the chicken sticks to the frying pan. The ideal cooking time of the chicken is about 10 minutes.

Final preparation

While the chicken cooks, set in a frying pan the bald almonds and toast it for 2-3 minutes. We can finally add almonds to the chicken and serve our breast chicken with almonds. Preserve the chicken with almonds in the refrigerator for max 1-2 days.

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