Buddha bowl sauce: the vegan sauce

06/05/2018 1 By wp_9107271

Remaining among the new recipes that the east offers us we see whether to prepare a perfect buddha bowl sauce. It is not indeed a simple dish but a very healthy dish. We can certainly defineit the new frontier of the salads. In an only bowl. We can assimilate both the carbohydrates of the cereal is the vitamins and the proteins of the fruit and vegetable. To prepare a Buddha bowl means indeed to devote a moment to if same. We can use indeed the ingredients that more they make us happy. We have chosen Saracen wheatchickpeas, spinaches, avocado and so many perfumed spices. probably date their versatility we will more often find always these dishes in our meals.

Let’s see then as to prepare our special recipe!

You carefully wash the Saracen wheat. Cook it in water for at least twenty minutes to slow fire. To add at the end salt and oil and you allow to rest it.now you separate the cecis from the external film. season them abundantly with oil, paprika, turmeric, chilli, thyme, salt and pepper. You prepare the cecis on a half an oven baking-pan and you cover the other half with fresh peppers. You cook in the already warm oven to 210° for 20 minutes. To this point you remove the cecis and you keep on cooking the peppers for other 10 minutes

We can now prepare finally

You clean the peppers eliminating all the seeds, the white parts and the external skin. Cut it in small thin strips and beat it, with oil, salt, pepper and thyme thin to get a cream.

Final preparation

You peel the avocado leaving the pulp intact and cut it removing the core. We pick up in a bowl the Saracen wheat, the cecis to the paprika and l avocado. We can add other raw vegetables of season. For last thing you cover with the slasa of peppers that we had previously prepared.

We are ready to serve and to taste our buddha bowl sauce. Search for other tasty recipes online.