Baked clams: a special sea recipe

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In another section of our website, we have recommended some recipes to enhance the taste of meat. Now it seems valuable to try to do the same with what the sea has to offer. We will see how to realize our special baked clams.

The baked clams are a delicious appetizer of the sea. It is a very simple dish that surely will satisfy also the most doubtful. To be able to taste our baked clams we must fill the hulls of it with a stuffing. A really savory stuffing composed by bread’s crumb, parmesan cheese and parsley. So we will use the liquid of the mussels themselves to make it tastier.


First of all, we need to clean accurately our molluscs. When these are perfectly cleaned, put them in a pot. Now, add minced parsley, garlic and red pepper.


Before beginning to cook, pour with a half glass of white wine and cover the pot with a cover. So cook our clams with vivacious fire. When ready, separate the liquid of the mussels filtering it.

Padding preparation

In a bowl, set bread’s crumb grinded and the grated parmesan cheese. Add the minced cloves of garlic, the two spoons of minced parsley and the extra virgin olive oil.  Take the liquid of cooking that we had separated and put together to amalgamate it. Now we must deprive the mussels of the hull to which the mollusk is attached. Previously fill the hull of the mollusk with the prepared mixture. So cook in an oven at 250 centigrade degrees for about 15 minutes. My compliments! you are ready to taste your baked clams and invite friends and relatives for an inviting dinner.

To realize this dish, you can use different types of mollusks: we recommend the mussels.

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